gret is a collection of Blender tools, providing various functionalities to enhance the workflow for mesh, animation, material, and UV editing.

Key features:

  • Mesh: Graft: Connects boundaries of selected objects to the active object, useful for stylized fur and normal lifting from the body.
  • Mesh: Merge: Boolean merges one or more objects with options to tweak the resulting normals, preserving UV seams.
  • Mesh: Retarget: Uses radial basis functions to retarget meshes or armatures, transferring body shape keys to clothing or applying body proportion changes to skeletons.
  • Mesh: Make Collision: Generates collision shapes for selected geometry, ideal for creating compound collisions for objects like chairs.
  • Mesh: Vertex Color Mapping: Procedurally generates vertex colors from various sources such as vertex groups, vertex position, mesh distance, and cavity.
  • Mesh: Vertex Group Bleed: Provides finer control over creating precise weight gradients or softening skinning without weakening deformation.
  • Mesh: Vertex Group Smooth Loops: Smooths weights on parallel loops to ensure proper deformation without compression.
  • Mesh: Apply Modifiers with Shape Keys: Allows applying modifiers on a mesh with shape keys, handling mirrors to fix vertices off the center axis.
  • Mesh: Shape Key Presets: Save and restore shape key values to slots for quick access.
  • Mesh: Add Rope: Generates helicoid meshes like ropes or drill bits.
  • Animation: Pose Blender: Blends poses together, similar to the UE4 AnimGraph node.
  • Animation: Actions Panel: Quick access to actions and pose libraries, essential for using the Pose Blender tool.
  • Animation: Rig Properties: Customizable panel for frequently used rig or bone properties.
  • Animation: Selection Sets: Quick bone selection panel, requires built-in addon Bone Selection Sets enabled.
  • Animation: Miscellaneous Tools:
    • Auto-Group Channels: Groups animation channels by bone name.
    • Delete Unavailable Channels: Deletes locked location/rotation/scale animation channels.
    • Reset Stretch To Constraints: Resets rest length of “Stretch To” constraints.
    • Toggle Bone Lock: Anchors a pose bone in world space.
  • Material: Texture Bake: One-click bake and export for curvature and AO masks, disabled by default.
  • UV: UV Paint: Assigns UVs from a configured tileset or trim sheet.
  • UV: Relax Loops: Relaxes selected UV edge loops to match mesh length.
  • UV: Reorder UV Maps: Allows reordering UV maps and syncing UV layers across selected objects.
  • Other Tools:
    • Sculpt Selection: Sets the sculpt mask from the current edit-mode vertex selection.
    • Normalize Shape Key: Resets min/max of shape keys while keeping the range of motion.
    • Select Shape Key: Selects vertices affected by the current shape key.
    • Encode Shape Key: Implements shape key to UV channel encoding for Static Mesh Morph Targets.
    • Remove Unused Vertex Groups: Removes unused vertex groups while respecting L/R pairs.
    • Create Mirrored Vertex Groups: Creates missing mirror vertex groups.
    • Auto-Name Bone Chain: Renames a chain of bones starting at the selected bone.
    • Copy Alone: Removes references and optional data for easy duplication or moving between files.
    • Deduplicate Materials: Squashes duplicate materials.
  • Export Jobs: Automates the export process for multiple objects or complex setups, with extra options for Auto-Rig Pro rigs.

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