Grease Pencil From Mesh

Grease Pencil from Mesh is an add-on designed for converting mesh objects into Grease Pencil objects or curves, facilitating a seamless transition between 3D modeling and 2D animation. With edge filtering capabilities for sharp edges, intersections, and outlines of curved surfaces, this tool streamlines animation plotting and Text Object conversion. The add-on is available in multiple versions, including a basic version as well as advanced Pro and Pro_S versions.

Key Features:

  • Mesh to Grease Pencil Conversion: Enables the transformation of mesh objects into Grease Pencil objects or Curves with a focus on preserving the original design’s integrity.
  • Selective Edge Filtering: Offers the ability to selectively convert edges marked as Crease, Sharp, and Freestyle, providing users with control over the conversion outcome.
  • Material to Grease Pencil Color Conversion: Automatically converts all mesh materials into corresponding Grease Pencil colors, ensuring a consistent visual appearance.
  • Shadows & Highlights (Pro_S Version): Introduces shadows and highlights to Grease Pencil objects, adding depth and realism to the converted objects.
  • Curves Output: Allows for the conversion output to be in the form of Curves, offering flexibility in subsequent design and animation processes.
  • Edge Stylization Options (Pro Version): Enhances the visual appeal of edges with options for edge noise, random thickness, edge offset, and multi-lines, catering to a wide range of artistic preferences.
  • Curved Surface Outlines (Pro Version): Generates detailed outlines for curved surfaces, improving the accuracy and visual quality of the conversion.