GravityShell is a Blender add-on that generates complex geometric surfaces based on physical forces, designed for architecture without requiring coding knowledge. This dynamic relaxation modeling tool allows for the quick creation of aesthetically unique and structurally efficient shapes.

Key features:

  • Physically Simulated Surfaces: Generate surfaces influenced by physical forces for architectural modeling.
  • Tensile Structures: Create minimal surfaces optimized for area size and thickness.
  • Vaults: Design self-supporting surfaces with minimal structural stress to save material and reduce costs.
  • Organic Shape Generation: Produce organic, aesthetically distinct shapes derived from internal forces within the structure.
  • Dynamic Relaxation Modeling: Utilize a combination of Blender commands to simulate relaxation and tension.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplify the creation of shells or membrane structures without complex calculations or coding.
  • Architectural Inspiration: Based on principles used by Antoni Gaudí, Frei Otto, Félix Candela, and contemporary architects like Zaha Hadid and Toyo Ito.
  • Initial Design Tool: Generate numerous design proposals quickly in the early stages of the design process.
  • 3D Printing Ready: Easily prepare models for 3D printing within Blender.