Grassblade by Bproduction gives you a library with 400 assets for grass, weed, field, meadow, and lawn in 140 Biomes. You can use the provided addon or you can use it with Scatter 5 open Beta.

As usual, I checked the quality of Albedo values, roughness, textures, and geometry and these are all excellent. I am very picky when it comes to albedo values because if that is correct, it is less work for the user to adjust the colors (too dark, too bright, hue, etc). So for me, correct albedo’s that is priority number one. This way the user doesn’t have to spend much time adjusting the values to match the HDRI or environment.

There are quite a few addons for vegetation, grass, and trees and the most popular ones are fine. There is just one I didn’t include yet on this site because it had too much variety in size, albedos, and quality. But GrassBlade passed the tests by far, and therefore it’s a product I like to promote.

Render with GrassBlade assets (flowers 2)

Excellent shaders in GrassBlade

What I like about GrassBlade is the shaders for the assets. These are quite adjustable and useful. Here is an example of the shader for clean grass. Other assets like rocks have similar shaders. What I like are the sliders for Autumn, Windows, and Spring but also the Random Seasons. Such a unified shader saves a lot of time: you can find a feature easily. This is in contrast with node-setups where you have to try and see.

Grass Shader in GrassBlade
Grass Shader in GrassBlade

Packages Lite and pro

On GrassBlade’s product page you will find two versions: the light and the pro. Here is an overview:

GrassBlade lite and Pro
GrassBlade lite and Pro overview

Where to get GrassBlade?

You can find GrassBlade on Blender Market where you find

A thought about Cycles

In the above render, you see that the translucency comes out very nice. There was nothing I had to change and the flowers fit well in the HDRI. There is one thing I wonder about but that is more related to Cycles. Do you see those white and yellow flowers in the middle? Their shadow is perfect but look at the shadow of the red and yellow flowers at the bottom. It’s quite dark in there and I think Cycles find it difficult to find the light the more occlusion there is.

I asked on the Blender Artist forum about this, but they don’t recognize this behavior of cycles. I am pretty sure that it gets too dark easily in Cycles: to render a character with a half-open mouth – it will be black in there. (There must be a reason they invented portals in Blender?) So if you know more about this, please leave a comment, because I am sure we can improve our render with cycles and all kinds of scatters. Again, this is not related to GrassBlade but Cycles.

So yes, GrassBlade offers very good quality assets.