GP Refine Strokes

GP Refine Strokes provides various functions for post-drawing adjustments of Grease Pencil strokes.

Key features:

  • Stroke Selection Tools: Includes various selectors such as Select backward/forward, Select by length, Select by angle, and Select hatching, allowing users to target specific strokes based on different criteria.
  • Stroke Refinement Options: Offers tools like Strokes Delete, Trim start/end, Straighten, to Circle Transform, and Polygonize for refining the shape and structure of strokes.
  • Thickness and Opacity Adjustment: Enables modification of stroke attributes like Line Width, Line Hardness, Line Fill Alpha, and point attributes such as Point Pressure, Point Strength, and Point Color Alpha.
  • Equalize Stroke Thickness/Pressure: Provides options to equalize stroke thickness and point pressure across strokes.
  • Resampling Presets: Shortcuts to native Blender operators for adjusting stroke definition.
  • Information Display: Includes a feature to print stroke/point information in the console.
  • Experimental Features: Offers access to experimental features in addon preferences, such as refining stroke by fading pressure and Auto join for last strokes.

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