Google Earth Decoder Optimization Tools

Google Earth Decoder Optimization Tools is a Python Blender add-on designed to optimize city sceneries retrieved via the Google Earth Decoder Tool.

Key Features:

  • Scenery Optimization: Allows for the optimization of existing MSFS (Microsoft Flight Simulator) scenery projects, adjusting textures, LODs (Levels of Detail), and implementing fixes for common issues like crashes to desktop (CTD).
  • Initialize MSFS Scenery Projects: Facilitates the creation of a new MSFS scenery project structure, enabling the integration of Google Earth Decoder outputs.
  • Merge Scenery Projects: Provides functionality to merge the tiles of one MSFS scenery project into another, simplifying project consolidation.
  • Clean Unused Files: Offers tools to remove unused files from MSFS scenery projects, helping to streamline project files and reduce clutter.
  • Update Tile Positions: Includes options to adjust the latitude and longitude of MSFS scenery tiles for precise placement.
  • LOD Configuration: Allows for the adjustment of LOD minimum size values for each tile, optimizing detail based on distance.
  • Lighting Fixes: Corrects lighting issues on tiles at dawn or dusk by adding specific Asobo extension tags to the GLTF files.
  • Compress Textures: Optimizes the built package by compressing DDS texture files, essential for reducing file size and improving loading times.
  • Collider Management: Adds and removes collider objects for each tile, optimizing collision detection and road traffic management in the scenery.

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