glslViewer is a console-based OpenGL Sandbox designed for displaying 2D/3D GLSL shaders without the need for a UI. It supports a wide range of functionalities, making it a flexible tool for shader development and experimentation.

Key features:

  • Shader Support: Handles fragment and vertex shaders in GLSL, including resolving #include dependencies and adding/deleting #define keys through console commands and OSC.
  • Texture and Geometry Support: Supports various texture types (png, bmp, jpg, tga, hdr, gif, mp4, mov, rtc, rtsp, local camera devices, and audio textures) and can import LST, PLY, OBJ, or GLTF files.
  • Default Shaders and Hot Reload: Includes default vertex/fragment shaders for 2D and 3D materials with PBR lighting and supports hot reload of files on changes.
  • Interactive Commands and Debug Modes: Offers interactive commands through POSIX console or OSC and different debug modes like histogram, textures, buffers, bounding box, etc.
  • Advanced Features: Provides shadow maps, headless rendering, fullscreen and screensaver modes, HoloPlay rendering on LookingGlass Display, image export, PNG sequence export, and WASM crosscompiling.