Glared is a Blender add-on designed to generate cinematic light effects such as glow, ghosts, and streaks, using the existing scene as a base. It excels in real-time applications, allowing users to apply and preview effects directly in the 3D viewport on both 3D scenes and photos or videos.

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Functionality: Glared operates in real-time within the Blender viewport, enabling immediate visualization of changes.
  • Comprehensive Effect Generation: Includes the ability to generate light glows, streaks, ghosts, vignette effects, and more.
  • Threshold Adjustment: Features a threshold value that determines which values activate Glared’s filters, giving users precise control over the intensity of effects.
  • Keyframable Values: All parameters within Glared can be animated using keyframes.
  • Customizability: Users can save their own presets and adapt the add-on to various project needs.
  • Node-Based System: Glared operates through a Nodegroup that can be added to or replace existing nodal systems in the compositor as chosen by the user.
  • Dedicated Support and Updates: Offers free updates and customer support to ensure users have the best possible experience and continue to enhance the functionality based on user feedback.
  • Advanced Integration: Can integrate with the Flared add-on within Flared’s graphical interface if both are owned, simplifying workflow between different types of effects.