Ghosts – Onion Skinning with no Tears

Ghosts is an Onion Skinning Blender addon which aims to compile all the most Onionskin relevant features while keeping it extremely simple.

While looking for such Blender functionality, I had this frustration of not being able to find anything regrouping all at once what I wanted to do.

We have several solutions out there but I thought I needed some sort of BestOf Onionskin addon, one to rule them all 🐨.

Why is Ghosts so useful?

Ghost Modes:
  • All Keyframes, Direct Keyframes
  • Static Range, Dynamic Range (with step)
  • Specific frames
  • Jump between Specific ghost frames
  • Find dependencies (ability to use ctrl armatures and constraints, children objects etc…)
  • Force Ghost visibility when object is disabled or hidden (ability to use low/high poly)
Tech Specs:
  • No real object, direct BlenderGL
  • Ghost are cached
  • Auto Update when inserting / updating Keyframe
  • Auto Refresh when changing current frame (making playmode available)
Ghost Shader Tweaking:
  • Change before / current / after colors
  • Change color transition frame count
  • Change look from rim to plain silhouette
  • Option to pre write z or cull faces

Where can I find this sp👀k?

You will find Ghosts on Gumroad & Blender Market.

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