Inserts For Kit Ops

The inserts for KIT OPS package has an update and contains now 4 special GeoTech inserts for KIT OPS. And they come with a small addon for Blender 2.93+ that detects when there is such insert active. If so, then it shows all its properties in the N-Panel. This is in contrast to the need to search for properties in the modifier stack. So that works much faster.

Another huge benefit is that you can scale these inserts, and the bevel stays the same. Before, you had to apply the scale, but now you don’t bother about that. The little addon is called and installs like any other Blender addon. It’s not a .zip file, but that is ok and will install fine.

GeoTech inserts for KIT OPS teaser

Here, check out this teaser to get an impression of what it is.

Geo Tech inserts for KIT OPS teaser.

What is the story of the inserts?

The package called “Inserts for KIT OPS” exist for more than two years. And every now and then, there is an update with some improvements. If you look at the first inserts, the childish decorative one, you see what I mean. But with one thing, I was right from the beginning: an insert has to be simple and adjustable. What I mean by that is, that you can have a huge library but often it’s still not what you are looking for. Well, there are exceptions. Like it’s handy to have some grids and knobs etc. But for modeling? No. For modeling, you want to have simple and adjustable cutters.

I thought about it for a long time. First, I tried with the modifier stack, but then you have to go through the modifier stack, check out what each property does, and take too much time.

Then there Chipp came with Magic Design which I wanted to buy but really couldn’t afford it. At the same time, I learned Geometry Nodes. And suddenly, there was the answer: Inserts made with Geometry Nodes and a script that detects them. Then the script would show the properties for the active insert. And so I did and succeeded. It works! This is the beginning of a new insert revolution: The GeoTech inserts!

Where to get the GeoTech inserts?

The GeoTech inserts for KIT OPS are included in the package Inserts for KITOPS on Blender Market

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