Geo Nodes Platform Generator is an add-on designed to automate the creation of platform structures using geometry nodes. It enables the transformation of simple planes into complex platforms with procedural meshes or custom assets, streamlining the process of platform generation in Blender.

Key Features:

  • Automated Platform Generation: Automatically spawns pillars at vertices, beams at edges, and planks on planes, streamlining the construction process.
  • Customizable Parameters: Offers extensive options to customize the placement, scale, and style of pillars, beams, planks, and other details.
  • Premade Assets for Platforms: Includes assets to create six different styles of platforms.
  • Detailed Configuration Sections:
    • General: Controls general platform parameters like stair generation angles and corner smoothing.
    • Platform: Manages instancing of up to two layers of planks and tessellation of mesh collections on platform faces.
    • Supports: Adjusts beam instancing for the structural grid under the planks.
    • Base: Sets parameters for creating base supports that match the terrain’s elevation.
    • Railing: Allows for the addition of railings along vertical faces that need to be exactly vertical.
    • Stairs and Ladders: Generates stairs and ladders on sufficiently angled surfaces.
    • Details: Adds complex details such as bridges and ropes and controls the scattering of objects on the platform.
  • Flexible Detailing and Scattering: Enables users to detail and scatter objects with precision using vertex groups to define scatter areas.