GBH Tool is a procedural hair add-on, designed to simplify and enhance the hair creation process. It offers a comprehensive set of features that allow for quick and efficient generation and editing of various hair types.

Key Features:

  • New Blender Hair System: Built on the new Blender hair system for optimal performance and features.
  • Versatile Base Options: Allows the use of curve, curves, or mesh objects as the base for the hair object.
  • Quick Generation and Editing: Enables fast generation of hair and easy property editing with just a few clicks.
  • Variety of Hair Types: Capable of creating various types of hair, including hair strands, stylized hair mesh, and hair cards for video games.
  • Advanced Styling: Convenient tools for creating braids, curls, and rolls.
  • Vertex Color-Based Distribution: Allows for vertex color-based hair distribution on surfaces.
  • UV Map Control: Offers full UV map control, either uniform or separated by length.
  • Conversion Options: Provides the ability to convert hair to mesh, curve, curves, or particle system for further operations.
  • Node Groups and Materials: Comes with pre-made node groups and a sample materials library.
  • Custom Library Loading: Ability to load node groups and materials from user files into the library.
  • Hair Rigging: Includes features for hair rigging and automatic weight painting.
  • Texture Creation: Allows for the creation of hair card textures.

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