FreeIK is an add-on that simplifies character rigging and animation. It transforms basic armatures into animation-ready rigs with enhanced control and flexibility.

Key Features:

  • Armature Transformation: Transforms basic armatures into rigs ready for animation with minimal effort.
  • Bone Pinning: Enables pinning of any bone within the rig for improved animation control.
  • Dynamic Hierarchy Changes: Allows for adjustments to the bone hierarchy on the fly.
  • Pin/Unpin Bones During Animation: Supports the ability to pin and unpin bones to control pose interpolation for smoother animations.
  • Various Posing Modes: Includes different posing modes for detailed character positioning and animation.
  • Loop Handling: Supports character skeletons with loops, accommodating complex rigging scenarios.
  • Rig Splitting: Enables rigs to be divided into parts during animation for advanced animation techniques.
  • Object Animation: Allows objects to be animated in the same way as bones.
  • Pie Menu Access: Provides easy access to most features through the pie menu for streamlined workflow.