FreeCAD-OpenEMS-Export is a GUI plugin for FreeCAD designed to export models for electromagnetic simulation in OpenEMS. It bridges the gap between 3D CAD modeling in FreeCAD and EM simulation scripting for OpenEMS.

Key features:

  • OpenEMS Integration: Connects FreeCAD with OpenEMS, an electromagnetic field solver using the FDTD method.
  • GUI-Based Workflow: Offers a graphical user interface to model structures in FreeCAD and define simulations.
  • Script Generation: Creates Matlab/Octave scripts for running EM simulations based on the FreeCAD model.
  • Postprocessing Script Options: Generates scripts for evaluating S parameters and fields of the defined structure.
  • Material and Simulation Assignment: Allows users to define materials, ports, lumped parts, and excitations, and assign these properties to objects in the FreeCAD model.
  • Meshing Tools: Provides functions for defining and visualizing mesh for simulations, crucial for FDTD method accuracy.