Frame Ranger is a Blender add-on that offers a suite of tools to aid in managing object actions, timeline markers, frame ranges, and more. It is designed to streamline various animation tasks, making the process more efficient and user-friendly. For those who are interested in a simplified version, there’s also Frame Ranger Lite available for free.

Key Features:

  • Frame Range Manager: Allows users to store frame ranges, enabling easy switching between different frame ranges without manual input.
  • Object Action Manager: Stores actions within objects, facilitating the association of actions to specific objects and simplifying the switching of an object’s action.
  • Timeline Marker Manager: Presents timeline markers in a list format, enhancing their utility by enabling easy creation, binding to cameras, and jumping to specific markers.
  • Action Bin: Lists all actions within the Blender file, equipped with basic features for action management.
  • Action Baker: Inspired by Game Rig Tool’s Action Bakery and based on CGDive’s workflow, this feature assists in baking multiple control rig animations into a deform/game rig.
  • Frame Remapper: A powerful feature that remaps all keyframes in a scene based on frame rate, useful for converting an animation’s frame rate. However, due to its extensive operation on every object’s keyframe, it should be used with caution.
  • Auto Frame Range: Automatically adjusts the frame range to align with the first and last keyframes. It operates on an object’s action, NLA strips, and video sequencer strips.
  • Animation Players: Integrates animation player buttons and frame range settings from the Timeline Editor to other editors like Dopesheet, Graph Editor, NLA Editor, and Video Sequencer.