Forestation – High Quality 3d Scanned Trees

Forestation addon Blender


Forestation addon for Blender is a production tool for designers, CGartist, archviz artists and many others. A large selection of 3D scanned trees is available. Thanks to its integrated plugin it is easy to import and customize each tree: animate the leaves, change the season (winter, summer, autumn, spring), add moss or snow on your trunk, or create as much variation as you want with the trees thanks to the “randomize” function. Forestation is compatible With SCATTER5, it contains 30 ready-to-use forests!

Forestation is ready for Asset Browser!

49 3D scanned trees are available for an incredibly realistic final render with Blender Cycles or Eevee. The HD and LOWPOLY button allows us to optimize our workflow. Add an HD tree for your foreground renderings, or add a low-poly tree to create a forest in the background, this is a great option to optimize your machine resources.

BONUS : All future updates are offered and included in Forestation. In the next versions, you’ll discover more high-quality scanned trees, purchasing the product now at the current price is a good investment guaranteed.

Forestation addon Blender
Forestation addon Blender

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