Font Selector is a simple add-on that adds enhanced font functionality to Blender.

Key Features:

  • Font Folders Configuration: Allows the setup of several font folders on a computer through the add-on user preferences. Subdirectories of the font folders will also be scanned for fonts. This configuration can be saved in an external file.
  • Dynamic Font Browsing: Enables browsing through fonts without leaving the 3D view, with direct visualization of the font on active text objects.
  • Refresh Operator: Checks all available fonts in font folders and subdirectories. The result is externally stored in the prefs folder.
  • Favorites Font System: Fonts can be marked as favorites, and these favorite fonts can be easily accessed by turning on the favorite filter.
  • Export Favorites Fonts: Allows the export of favorite fonts in a zip file.
  • Remove Unused Fonts: An operator allows the removal of unused font datablocks.
  • Customizable Font List Size: The default size of the Font List can be chosen in the add-on preferences.
  • Display Font Directories: Origin directories and subdirectories of the font are stored and can be displayed in the classic list or toggled with the subdirectory Mode.
  • Corrupted Font File Filter: The add-on filters out corrupted font files and stores their names in a file to avoid future import attempts.

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