Fog Planes provides tools for integrating fog into 3D environments. It offers a gallery of fog textures, each with an advanced shader for adjustments. The add-on aims to simplify the process of adding fog, enhancing the ambiance of renderings. Whether for still renderings or animations, it is designed to incorporate atmospheric details without extending rendering times.

Key features:

  • Categorized Fog Library: Access a structured library containing all the fog planes available.
  • Integrated Fog Node Shader: Adjust fog shaders directly from the add-on panel, eliminating the need for additional workspace windows.
  • Enhanced Fog Textures: All fog textures have undergone modifications to include more noise and depth.
  • Expanded Library: The library has been updated with 10 additional fog planes, bringing the total to 30 planes.
  • Efficient Performance: The fog planes are optimized for performance, ensuring they don’t hinder workflow.
  • Dynamic Textures: 2D generated textures, enhanced by modifiers, deliver depth and motion effects when moved.
  • Customizable Shader: The shader allows users to modify the appearance of the fog planes, with the ability to keyframe changes.
  • Fog Emitter: Facilitates manual motions or loopings in the fog planes.