Flow Manager is an asset management tool for Blender, enhancing workflow efficiency by streamlining the addition and management of assets within scenes.

Key Features:

  • Asset Painter: Facilitates the addition of assets to scenes through a tool in the 3D viewport, allowing for objects to be painted directly into the scene with options for random scale and rotation adjustments.
  • Material Painter: Applies materials to objects directly within the 3D viewport, with capabilities to limit painting to specific areas and generate automatic UV maps.
  • Asset Management with Asset Browser Integration: Supports types saved with Flow, making them accessible via Blender’s Asset Browser for enhanced management. Automatically creates categories, subcategories, and previews for a structured organization.
  • Asset Properties in the Panel: Special node groups for object materials are made available in the panel for a streamlined workflow, with the possibility to create custom properties connected to various values in Blender.
  • Geometry Nodes: Offers quick saving and loading of Geometry Nodes modifiers, including presets for immediate application.
  • Brushes and Textures: Allows for the storage of sculpt and image painting brushes in the library for reuse, with an easy addition of textures from the library to brushes.
  • HDRi & Worlds: Simplifies the addition of HDRi as assets and facilitates environment adjustments from the panel level, including saving and loading of worlds.
  • Instance Tools: Improves scene performance and simplifies the editing of instance collections, including nested ones, through a dedicated set of functions.