Flexi Bezier Tool

Flexi Bezier Tool

The Flexi Bezier Tool makes live easier when working with Bezier Curves. According to the developer it is inspired by how Inkscape works with curves. Here a quick overview of how the add-works and a comparison with grease pencil strokes. In some cases you might prefer grease pencil over curves.

How the Flexi Bezier Tools works

In short, it is actually pretty simpel. To start drawing with the tool, you press shift + spacebar. You will see then at the bottom of the T-Panel the Flexi Bezier Tool. Click on the button and you see a tiny yellow square. You can now draw with the tool by just clicking around. A few shortcuts here below.


  • Shift + Spacebar: To get the T-Panel where you can activate the Flexi Bezier Tool or activate the select (standard) tool.
  • Ctrl: Snap to grid.
  • Shift: Snap to angle.
  • Alt: Snap to an endpoint of another Bezier Curve. With this you will also merge the curves.
  • Enter: complete the curve. Now you can start to draw a new curve, or via Shift + Spacebar get rig of the tiny yellow square.

Video explaining the Flexi Bezier Tool and comparison with Grease Pencil

Curves or Grease pencil?

When trying out this addon, I found out that there is actually no way to distribute “vertices” nicely of curves that are converted to mesh. Sometimes you might get away with Merge by Distances, smooth, etc. But not always. This compared to grease pencil where it is possible to simplify the strokes (fixed, set steps). Correct me if I am wrong.

Where to download the Tool?

You can download the Flexi Bezier Tool on Github. In case you download the zip file, you need to unzip it and then install the blenderbezierutils.py. So in Blender you go to Edit > Preferences > Addons > Install. Then you browse to the blenderbezierutils.py file and press Install. Activate, save preferences and refresh. More info on Blenderartists about the FBT as well.

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