Flares Wizard is an add-on that facilitates the creation of realistic lens flares in Blender. It supports both Cycles and Eevee render engines and offers a comprehensive set of features for lens flare design, inspired by renowned plugins like Optical Flares for After Effects.

Key Features:

  • Real-time Design: Add and design lens flares in real-time within the 3D viewport.
  • Fast Rendering: Requires no more than one sample for rendering.
  • Custom Presets: Access 50 presets or create your own by combining 10 available elements.
  • Camera Borders Detection: Dynamic fadeout animation as the target moves out of the camera view.
  • Obstacles Detection: Real-time interactions between lens flares and scene objects.
  • Blinking Effect: Add procedural flickering animation.
  • Instancing: Generate flare instances on objects within collections, mesh vertices, curve points, and Geometry nodes outputs.
  • Compositing Tools: Configure view layers and AOVs.
  • Background Plane: Integrate lens flares with images or videos.
  • Texture Variety: Choose from over 100 image textures.