Find Missing Textures

With the help of “Find Missing Textures” addon you can get a full listing of the missing textures so you can easily fix them!

You always try to clean up or fix your project, so you want to know if all of your texture are in the right place, you press on the “Find missing texture” button, and you get a list of a lot image path, but you don’t know where to find them in your file, and which objects and material use them (so you can remove or replace this node or material that lost his image) and how to fix them – No more!

With this add-on, you can get a full report of all the missing textures in your blender file. Get info of all your missing textures and where to find them (in which objects, material and node you have missing texture), and also get the name of the missing image textures and its path.

Find Missing Textures

And with the Find Missing Textures, you can also get a list of all the broken images in one place so you can easily fix them!

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