Finalcheck is a Blender add-on designed to detect and suggest corrections for various problems in Blender projects. It aims to prevent the need for re-rendering scenes due to small mistakes by identifying potential issues with a single button click.

Key Features:

  • Problem Detection: Identifies various problems in Blender projects.
  • Single Button Check: Allows checking for issues with just one click.
  • List of Problematic Items: Displays a list of problematic items in the project.
  • Check Items: The add-on checks for a range of items including collection and object visibility discrepancies, missing files, render region settings, resolution percentage, render samples, instancer visibility, modifier visibility, composite node inputs, particle settings, and grease pencil modifiers and effects.
  • Automatic Checking: New feature enables automatic checking when rendering.
  • Customizable Preferences: Users can toggle which items will be checked in the Preferences sub-panel.
  • Scene and View Layer Checks: Offers options to check all scenes or the current scene/view layer only.