Final Topology is a Blender add-on designed to enhance subdivision snapping, retopo, and polygonal modeling. The add-on introduces a range of tools, addressing gaps in Blender’s existing toolset. It caters to both artists and CAM professionals, with an advanced version for professional CAD and automotive industry modelers.

Key Features:

  • Inverse Subdivision Snapping: This tool snaps mesh vertices in edit mode to ensure the surface with a subdivision modifier closely resembles the original surface. It includes a live ‘Simulation’ mode for real-time adjustments, customizable neighbors levels, and iteration settings. A single-step operator is also available for quick use.
  • Unsubdivide: Designed to recreate the original low-resolution mesh from a subdivided mesh, this feature is useful for meshes modified in Blender or other applications. It provides settings for the number of subdivisions and iterations, with higher iteration numbers offering more accuracy.
  • Shape Freeze: Allows users to modify the topology of a Subdivision surface model while maintaining its original shape as much as possible.
  • Advanced Version Extra Features:
    • Constraints: In edit mode, constraints work in tandem with subdivision surface snapping. This includes snapping to a plane and is optimized in a loop with the snapping process.
    • Additional Settings: Offers more settings for neighbor levels, iterations, and a selection of weighting algorithms for various use cases.
    • Loop Align to Normal Plane: This feature aligns a loop to a plane based on its normal directions.
    • Loop Slide Optimize: Balances the angles between the edges of a loop.
    • Flatten Selection: A simple tool for flattening selections to the median plane, similar to looptools.

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