Fiber Mesh Addon

With the Fiber Mesh addon we can easily fill a mesh with fibers. While this addon is simple to use, there are a few things you would like to know. First I will show you how to get this addon to work. And after that I’ll show you a use-case. While you can see everything in the video below, there is some explanation in text for those who can’t see the video.

How the Fiber Mesh Addon works

We are lucky again, because this Fiber Mesh Addon doesn’t occupy the N-Panel. Therefore I am not hesitating that much if the addon is useful enough or not. Since I am into organic modeling lately, it is useful for me. I might be for you as well.

It’s actually simple, first select a mesh that you want to fill with fibers. Then go to the properties panel > Object properties (organge square) > Bounce fibers. There, you will see that the object is not a Bounce Fiber object yet. And at the bottom you see a button that starts with “Rename….”. If you click on that, you see now a wireframe of your mesh and nothing else.

But don’t worry, we will get a bit more out of it. Just change any parameters, for example the amount of bounces. Probably you want to start with 300 bounces. Then somewhere, maybe (hidden) in a collection, you will find your mesh with a prefix: fiber. So if you have a cube that will then be fiber_cube. Select it in the outline and bring it to a place you like, if need. The mesh might jump the first time you adjust one of the parameters.

So you have now two meshes: The cube in wireframe and a bunch of curves with a bevel.

Fiber Mesh Addon, a use case

What I like to do with the curves, is convert them to mesh. Next, I will remesh them with voxel remesher. And from there I use the smooth modifier to smooth out the mesh. Then I check how I can reduce the polycound while maintaining the quality of the mesh. In some case I use the Quadriflow remesher or the commercial Quad remesher. And in case where it is nuts to remesh, then the decimate modifier.

Where to download the Fiber Mesh Addon?

You can download the fiber mesh addon on Blender Artists.

Installation of the addon is as usual.

NEW: MOAS-GEN addon! The MOAS-GEN addon generates modular parts from profiles. You can then assemble the parts to modular assets. Handy if you want to make a series of assets that can be used as building blocks.

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