Fast Lattice Addon

Fast Lattice Addon

A lattice modifier is pretty interesting but it is also a hassle to set it up. The Fast Lattice addon allows you to set up the lattice with literaly two clicks. That means you click the mesh and click the button Create Lattice. Once you dive a bit more into the Lattice modifier a new world opens. First a bit more about the Fast Lattice addon.

How to use the Fast Lattice Addon?

Fast Lattice User Interface
Fast Lattice Menu

After installation you will find the Fast Lattice addon in the N-panel called Lattice. Simply click the Mesh in Object mode in the viewport and then click Create Lattice in the Lattice menu. And that is it. A lattice will be created conform the shape of the mesh. It brings you immediately in the edit mode of the lattice. There are a few options, you can set. Let see the alignment first. (I noticed, it doesn’t matter if the rotation is applied or not). World Aligned is simply aligned to the World coordinates while Fit to Selection tries to fit the lattice the most economic it can. I suppose you would like to leave it on World Aligned mostly.

Fast Lattice Alignment
Fast Lattice Alignment

Next is the Interpolation setting. We have BSpline, Linear, Cardinal and Catmull-Rom. I suppose we would like to leave it on Linear. (Test is for example when you select the top control points of the lattice and then rotate in Z-axis. In that case linear looks best to me.

BSpline Interpolation
Fast Lattice BSpline Interpolation
Linear Interpolation
Interpolation – Linear
Cardinal Interpolation
Fast Lattice with Cardinal Interpolation setting
Catmull-Rom interpolation
Fast Lattice – Catmull-Rom interpolation

Some interesting thins a bout Lattice

I actually never worked that much with lattice before because I found it to much hassle. But now we have Fast lattice, it encouraged me to play with it. Interesting about Lattice is it can have the following modifiers.

Lattice enabled modifiers
Lattice enabled modifiers

So that is pretty interesting. For example, look at the Soft Body. We can assign a Soft Body to the lattice and that won’t use much resources because a simple lattice has four control points (do we say four vertices?). I suggest you to try it out and pretty sure you will see quite some use-cases. Within a few clicks I had a bouncy suzanne. A suzanne subdivided two times, and still 25 fps. Or what about key-shapes, vertex-groups, hook, etc. For me a world of possibilities opens. If you come to further ideas, let us know in the comments.

Where to download the Fast Lattice Addon?

You can download the Fast Lattice addon on The installation is straightforward. Rightclick in the first post on Download and save target as. Then in Blender go to Edit > Preferences > Addons > Install.

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