Markerless facial motion capture for blender

Just open software, calibrate face, record animations, and retarget animations to your character!

Some key features are:

  • Real-time preview of animations
  • Accurate head and eye tracking
  • Fine-tune output
  • Live animation recording
  • Can animate up to 24 apple ARkit shapekeys
  • Stream animation data directly to the blender

System Requirements:

  • Windows OS
  • Webcam connected to System (with 30fps video recording support)

Among 52 apple ARkit shapekeys, this program is capable to animate 24 shapekeys. The character should have required 24 shapekeys with proper names. It is not mandatory that the character should have all 24 shapekeys but the more is better. The Head should be rigged with bone(If you don’t want head animation then there is no need for it). Eyes can be rigged with bones and shapekeys as well.

Demo :

Tutorial :

The system contains two programs:

  • AI Face windows executable(To record and generate facial animation data)
  • AI Face add-on (To read that generated data and animate character)

When you unzip the given 7z file, you will see the folder containing executable file, python file (which is blender addon), manual, and one demo .blend file.

Steps to animate your character’s face:

  1. Calibrate your Face( i.e. Capture neutral and extreme poses of your face)
  2. Fine-tune output (optional)
  3. Record animation data ( or live stream data directly to blender and record there )
  4. Retarget animation data to characters in the blender.

For more info Refer to Manual

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