If you haven’t seen the FaceBuilder Addon yet, its worth it playing with it. With just a few pictures of your own head, you can easily get a model of your head in Blender. The pictures need to be the same resolution and field of view but you don’t need to know the specs.

How the FaceBuilder addon works.

It’s been a while ago I tried out this addon, but it would suffice if I tell you the big lines. There is already a head-model in the scene when you start de FaceBuilder addon. What you do here, is lining up points with your Pictures. Start for example with the point of your nose. Then things like: chin, corner of your eye, ear.

Then you go to your next picture and line up same or similar features of your head. Lining up points is getting easier during the progress because the model of the head lines up more and more.

A few tips making pictures of your head

  • Make pictures of your head where there is diffuse light. In the FaceBuilder addon is an option to project the pictures as textures on the head model.
  • As far as I know you can use pictures of the back of your head. How would you line this up? I think it would mess up the result because you can’t line up your nose for example. But if you have a workaround for that, let us know.
  • When making pictures, keep same expression, and don’t change the field of view.
  • Start with making pictures where you still can see (partially) both your eyes. This ensures that lining up can be done more accurately. The downside of this, is that some parts of the pictures cannot be projected as texture. (Because some parts of your head doesn’t appear in pictures).

Where to download the Facebuilder Addon?

You can download the facebuilder addon on https://www.keentools.io/facebuilder Look for the tab Blender. The Blender version is “Free open beta”.

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