face2FACE addon

face2FACE is a blender add-on which will help you in projecting/placing objects face to face in a fast and elegant way. While empowering you to quickly add details to your models and scenes.

The addon allows you to project a single or multiple source objects onto a target object. And that as simple as selecting a few faces. Without having to worry about origins or transformation.

The strength of face2FACE lies in its possibility to alter multiple projected objects at the same time. For example while the add-on do not like others helps you directly to set up your hard-surface boolean modifiers, but it can assists you and other add-ons in doing it simultaneously on several faces/objects. The same counts for the Geometry-Node modifier.

But it is not limited to the above-mentioned use cases. As a very general approach, it assists you in projecting/placing all kind of different objects.

Varous Projection Types

You can do single or multi target projections. And further its possible to use multiple source objects also. The projection points are determined by selecting a single face in the source object and one or multiple faces on the target object.

Fluent workflow

These projections then can be altered in various ways. And then applied in the end if you are happy with the results. Picked up afterwards and changed again if needed. So offering some kind of non-destructive workflow.

Just at the beginning

face2FACE will continue to grow, because many new features are already planned and will be integrated as soon as they are ready for you to use. Next step for example will be a tight integration of geometry nodes into the addon.  

As new ideas for improvement always pop up, then they will be considered.

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Wanna know more?

Have a look at the website or go directly to the documentation.

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