The free version of the EZLattice addon allows use to create a lattice on selected vertices. A good thing is that we can access the addon in the context menu (Right Click). That way we don’t have to search for the addon on our N-panel.

There is also a pro version which has more features like single/multi object mode. Here I discuss in short the free version.

How does the EZLattice addon work?

  • Place a monkey in the scene
  • Go in Edit mode and select some vertices. Let’s say the right ear.
  • Right Click > Easy Lattice Menu > Apply

The above steps gives you a lattice around the selected vertices and brings you in the Lattice’s Edit Mode. A tip could be to press O to enable proportional editing. That is it. So EZ!

Where to download the EZLattice Addon?

You can download the EZLattice addon on Check the first post. There is a download for the free version and the pro version. The Pro version is at the moment 10 dollar.

There are some other free addons that work with lattice here on

Mind that the Fast Lattice addon is in the N-Panel. So if you have loads of addons like me you will want choose another addon. Or you can also create workspaces and filter addons. For example, I have workspaces like: archviz, retopo, hardsurface etc. And in each workspace I filter addon in the properties panel > First tab (Workspace). That way the N-Panel is still readable.

An interesting tip I give elsewhere (Fast Lattice), is that you can use modifiers like armature, hook, simple deform etc on the lattice. The most interesting modifier for a lattice could be a soft-body. This way the soft-body doesn’t need to do that much calculations and works faster.

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