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The Export Paper Model Addon allows us to export our (simple) model on paper to keep our kids busy. The kids can cut it out and by folding and using glue they can make some art.  Or if you go for something more complicated than that, who knows what trend we can set.

It seems to me the this addon is improved, I tried it years ago. Now the addon is so intelligent that it can break the model into parts. Suddenly a lot of ideas pop up. Can we use it to model real-life scene like that and do camera tracking? Can we do something interesting with the paper? If you have ideas, let us know.

How does the Export Paper Model addon work?

  • First, I start modeling this cube as in image below.
Test model for the Export Paper Model addon
Test model
  • Then I simply go in Blender to: File > Export > Paper Model
  • This opens the file browser of Blender and on the left we see the options as shown in the image below.
UI of the Export Paper Model addon - Part 1
UI – Part 1
UI of the EXport Paper Model addon - Part 2
UI Part 2

So that is a load of options. A little bit to much to discuss here but most of them seems to be self explanatory. Under format you have the option to choose PDF or SVG. Every option in this menu will show you useful tooltips. So most likely you will manage it without documentation.

With the default settings, you will get something like shown in the image below but then in A4 size. There are numbers on the tabs and edges so you know how to assemble it.

Export Paper Model Addon print out.
Print Out

Where to download the Export Paper Model addon?

Bare with me, the link might change faster than this post. At the moment, for Blender 2.81 I see it already shipped with Blender. It’s under the tab Community. And in case you don’t see the addon in your Blender version you can also download the Export Paper Model addon on Github. You need only to install the io_export_paper_model.py file. In case you downloaded the .zip file, then you need to unzip it and install the single file io_export_paper_model.py.

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