eeVR is an add-on designed for rendering 360° and 180° images and videos using the Eevee engine, with support for stereoscopic rendering.

Key Features:

  • 360° and 180° Rendering: Supports rendering images and videos in 360° and 180° formats.
  • Stereoscopic Rendering Support: Offers the ability to render stereoscopic images and videos for enhanced depth perception.
  • Seam Blending: Includes an angle for seam blending to ensure smooth transitions in the final image.
  • Resolution Scales per View: Calculates resolution so that each camera’s angle of view fits the final rendering resolution, avoiding resolution shortages and excesses.
  • Front View FOV: Allows specifying a field of view greater than 90° but less than 160° for the front view, optimizing the quality of the most crucial view.
  • Parallax Adjustment: Provides an option to apply parallax for side and rear views, enhancing the realism in over HFOV 180 rendering.
  • Stereo Rendering Options: Includes features like ‘Top is RightEye’ switch for top-bottom mode and ‘Cross-Eyed’ option for side-by-side mode in stereo rendering.
  • Panel Accessibility: The eeVR panel appears in the Properties’ Render tab, offering various settings and rendering options.

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