EEVEE Presets

EEVEE Presets is a small but very handy addon. What it does is saving presets of all the render settings in the render tab for EEVEE. This can save you tons of time and allows you to experiment with different render settings in EEVEE.

See the EEVEE Presets Addon in Action

What settings will be stored?

  • Ambient occlussion on/of, Distance, Factor, Trace Precision, Bent Normals, Bounces Approximation.
  • Boom on/off, Threshold, Knee, Radius, Color, Intensity, Clamp.
  • Depth of field, Max Size.
  • Subsurf Scattering. Samples, Jitter Treshold, Separate Albedo,
  • Screenspace reflection. On/off, Refraction, Half Res Trace, Trace precision, Max Roughness, Thickness, Edge Fading, Clamp.
  • Motion Blur. On/Off, Samples, Shutter.
  • Volumetrics. Start, End, Tile Size, Samples, Distribution. Volumetric lighting on/off, light clamping, Volumetric Shadows on/off, Shadow Samples.
  • Hair. Hair Shape Type (Strand/strip), Additional Subdiv.
  • Shadows. Method (ESM/VSM), Cube Size, Cascade Size, High BitDepth on/off, Soft Shadows on/off, Light Treshold,
  • Indirect Lighting. Diffuse Bounces, Cubemap Size, Diffurse occlusion, Irradiance Smoothing, Clamp Glossy, Filter Quality, Display: Cubmap size, Irradiance size.
  • Film. Filter Size, Transparent on/off. Overscan on/off: Size.
  • Simplify. On/Off. Viewport: Max subdivision, Max Child Particels, High resolution smoke on/off. Render: Max subdivision, Max child particles. Grease Pencil: Playback only on/off, Modifiers on/off, Shader FX on/off, Layers Bending on/off, Disable Fill on/off, lines on/off.
  • FreeStyle. On/off, Line thickness mode (Absolute/relative), linethickness.
  • Color Management. Display device (sRGB, XYZ, None), View Transform (False Color, Raw, Filmic Log, Filmic, Standard), Look (Very low contrast, low contrast, Medium low contrast, Medium Contrast, Medium High Contrast, High Contrast, Very High contrast. Exposure, Gamma. Sequencer (XYZ, sRGB, RAW, Non-Color, Linear Aces, Linear, Filmic Log). Use Curves On/off, Black level, White level.

How the EEVEE Presets addon works.

After downloading the addon you can find the addon in the properties panel > Render TAB. When you scroll down, you will find EEVEE Presets. To save the current settings you click the + button and then you can give the preset a name. Change some settings in the render settings and make a new preset the same way. Now you can change the rendersettings with one click in the EEVEE Presets addon. The EEVEE Presets addon works nice with the EV Express addon. The EV Express addon has two presets which are recommendation I found on the internet.

Where to download the EEVEE Presets addon?

You can download the EEVEE presets addon on Github. Installation is pretty straightforward and as usual. Download the .zip file and in Blender you go to Edit > Preferences > Addons > Install. Then browse to the .zip file you just downloaded, and then press Install. Then, activate the add-on, save preferences and refresh. More info to find on a thread on

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