The EasyFX Addon for Blender provides a menu that generates nodes in the compositor. These nodes are like filters, colors, vignette, lensdistrotion and a lot more. So you don’t have to waist time setting up node which can consume quite some time. Keep in mind that it seems to destroy your current nodes if you have. And some node-setups belong to the pixel-push area, like contrast and brightness. But is it very handy to have this addon which you can find in the UV Editor on the right.

The addon is ported to Blender 2.8 by DoubleZZ (DoubleZ1) and just a few minutes ago most (or all) functions seems to work. Except Layers index and some info that shows what settings need a new render. For example Style > Line Thickness needs a new re-render because it is going to enable freestyle.

What to use and not to use?

When we believe Troy Sobotka, and I do, we better use the ASC-CDL correction instead of the Lift – Gamma – Gain. Also, some other functions operate on display referred space. Not sure what functions are broken exactly. But there is chance that, if you want to do professional colour grading, you are best of with software that is specialized in that. Maybe interesting to know is the the EV Express provides some nodes for the compositor and is using the ASC-CDL instead. So what is safe to use and what not, is not documented as far as I know. For now I think we have to use our eyes very good.

How does the EasyFX addon work?

It is pretty simple. Do a render, and then you open a UV editor and the compositor. In the UV-editor you press N and the panel on the right will show up. There you see the tab called: Easy FX. Then use any of the options, for example enable Vignette. The EasyFX does some magic in the compositor and you will see an update within a second. In this case you can adjust the strength of the vignette.

Where to download the EasyFX addon?

You can download the EasyFX addon on Github. Bare with me when the link in the future doesn’t work. I am not able to check all the addons everyday, so let me know when a link is broken. For more info on check this thread on BlenderArtist. (latest post probably).

Keep in mind that you have to unzip the folder and then install the (In case you downloaded the .zip file on Github).

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