Easy Transfer is a Blender add-on designed to streamline the workflow by enabling the quick transfer of object properties such as modifiers, constraints, mesh data, materials, and animation from one active object to multiple selected ones.

Key Features:

  • Modifiers Transfer: Facilitates the transfer of modifiers from the active object to selected ones, ensuring uniformity in effects and behaviors.
  • Constraints Copying: Enables the copying of constraints to selected objects, preserving interaction dynamics and relationships.
  • Mesh Data Sharing: Simplifies the sharing of mesh data among objects, aiding in the creation of instances or variations with ease.
  • Materials Application: Streamlines the application of materials from one object to others, promoting visual consistency across the scene.
  • Animation Duplication: Allows for the duplication of animation data to selected objects, enabling synchronized animations and movements.
  • Context Menu Accessibility: Offers a right-click context menu for easy access to transfer functions.

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