Easy Patch

Easy Patch is a Blender retopology patch tool designed to help create standard topology mesh in a patch. Users can freely draw the boundary of the patch, resulting in a quad mesh and poles with only N-Pole and E-Pole. The add-on is suitable for those who want to control edge flow, offering an editable solution for mesh topology.

Key features:

  • Boundary Drawing: Drag the mouse to draw the boundary path, defining the patch area.
  • Pattern Rotation: Change the pattern rotation for different edge flow arrangements.
  • Pole Position Adjustment: Adjust pole positions to improve edge flow arrangement and keep poles away from deformable mesh areas.
  • Patch Pattern Switching: Switch between different patch patterns, with the “0” pattern generally providing clean topology.
  • Guide Mode: In guide mode, the tool suggests feasible solutions and modification suggestions.
  • Multi-language Support: User interface available in English, 中文, and 日本語.
  • Editable Patch Parameters: Edit the patch parameters in patching mode for customized mesh topology.

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