Easy Envelope is an add-on designed for precise and controllable weighting and skinning. It allows users to mix with existing weights without breaking them, using Blender’s envelope weight binding method. The add-on is suitable for meshes with complex structures, like multi-layered skirts and hair, offering a solution for weighting where automatic methods fall short. Users can customize envelope ranges, view and edit them in real-time, and adjust weight transitions between bones.

Key features:

  • Mix with Existing Weight: Integrate with existing weights without disruption.
  • Envelope Weight Binding: Uses Blender’s envelope weighting method for more controlled weight transitions.
  • Plane Fold Weighting: Utilizes a different algorithm to achieve desired weight results.
  • View and Edit Envelope Shape: Real-time viewing and editing of envelope shapes and affected vertices.
  • Gradient Curve Adjustment: Customize the gradient curve to achieve desired weight transitions.
  • Loose Part Option: Provides different results based on mesh types.
  • Algorithm Variability: Utilizes different algorithms for various mesh types to ensure appropriate weight distribution.
  • Select Vertices with Deform Weights: Quickly identify vertices affected by deform bones.
  • Remove Deform Weights: Batch delete deform weights from selected vertices.
  • Select Deform Bone of Selected Vertices: Switch to pose mode and select the deform bone of chosen vertices.
  • Save as Envelope File: Save the current mesh as an envelope shape with the file name as the object name.

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