Easy Array is an add-on that facilitates the process of snapping objects to selected vertices in edit mode, allowing for enhanced control over rotation, offset, and scale settings directly from its panel.

Key Features:

  • Vertex Snapping: Snap the desired object to a selected vertex in edit mode.
  • Rotation, Offset, and Scale Control: Adjust these settings directly from the add-on panel.
  • Edge Orbit Creation: Generate objects in the selected edge orbit in edit mode with customizable scale and rotation settings.
  • Frequency Setting: Define the distance between objects. When set to default (0), objects are evenly spaced from the start to the end of the trajectory.
  • Startpoint Setting: Useful when the frequency setting is not set to 0, it determines the orbital position of the array of objects.
  • Snap Array for Curves: The snap array feature is also compatible with curves.
  • Library Tool (Upcoming): A soon-to-be-released feature offering a customizable source object library tailored for hard surface modeling.

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