Drop It

Drop It is an add-on designed to drop objects quickly and simply to the ground or surface in Blender. It is optimized for efficient and accurate object placement.

Key features:

  • Drop by Origin: Allows objects to be dropped by their origin point.
  • Collision in Selection: Enables collision detection within selected objects.
  • Flat Planar Detection: Optimized detection for flat planar surfaces.
  • Negative Z Axis Collision: Supports collision detection for the negative z-axis.
  • Height Sorted Collision: Collisions are height sorted within the selection.
  • Parent Alignment Control: Disables parent alignment for own child objects.
  • Affect Only Parents Option: Adds an option to affect only parent objects.
  • Affect Selected Children Option: Adds an option to affect selected child objects.
  • Child Object Transformation: Correctly calculates transformations for child objects.
  • Offset Local Z Location Option: Adds an option to offset the local Z location.
  • Z Rotation Preservation: Automatically preserves the original Z rotation.
  • Drop to Ground/Surface: Drop objects directly to the ground or surface.
  • Align to Surface Normal: Align objects to the surface normal.
  • Random Rotation: Randomizes rotation along the up vector.
  • Random Location: Randomizes planar location.