DreamUV is a collection of tools for UV manipulation within the 3D viewport. It is designed for use with reusable textures such as tiling textures, trimsheets, and texture atlases, allowing for the texturing of geometry without exiting the 3D view.

Key Features:

  • Viewport UV Tools: A collection of tools to directly manipulate UV maps in the 3D Viewport, useful when working with tiling or trim-based materials.
  • Move, Scale, and Rotate Tools: Allow real-time transformation of UVs, similar to mesh transformation, with various keyboard and mouse combinations for additional functionality.
  • Extend Tool: Unwraps selected faces and attaches them to the active face.
  • Stitch Tool: Stitches the UVs of two selected faces on their shared edge.
  • Cycle Tool: Rotates the selected face’s UVs by 90 degrees within its boundaries.
  • Mirror Tools: Mirrors selected UVs while keeping them within boundaries.
  • Move to UV Edge: Moves the entire UV to the 0-1 UV boundary, aligning a face to a texture’s edge.
  • Unwrapping Tools: Includes the Square Fit Unwrap tool for unwrapping selections fitted to a square.
  • UV Transfer Tool: Allows the copying and pasting of a UV to a different spot.
  • Hotspotting: Quickly assigns UV’s to UV islands by referencing a predefined UV atlas.