DevTools is an add-on that adds a range of development tools to the Blender text editor.

Key Features:

  • Text Editor Tools: Integrates into the Blender text editor, providing a sidebar titled ‘Dev Tools’ with various helpful functions.
  • Debugging and Timing: Includes features for printing debug variables, commenting out all debug lines, deleting debug prints, enabling all debugs, and timing code execution.
  • Shortcut Expansion: Offers a tool to expand text shortcuts, such as replacing ‘C.’ with ‘bpy.context.’ and ‘D.’ with ‘’
  • Class Tuple Writing: Allows for writing a tuple at the cursor containing all classes in the file, useful for registering/unregistering in loops.
  • Context Override Function: Generates a context override function pointing to a specific area type.
  • Text Diff External: Displays a diff between internal text and external source in the console.
  • Folder Opening Functions: Includes options to open various script and config folders directly from Blender.
  • Inserting Blender Info: Features to insert the current date, abbreviated day, and Blender release information into the text editor.
  • Modal for Event Keycode Printing: A modal tool to capture and print event keycodes, useful for understanding key mappings.
  • Addon Listing with Batch Operations: Displays a list of all addons with options for opening addon locations, exporting addon packs, and batch disabling addons.
  • Interactive Console Enhancements: Enhances the interactive console with features like area selection, context override, and a history pop-up.