Cut Faces

With this addon, it you can make localized loop cuts of selected faces. The author described it as “Cut Faces utilizes such selection mechanism to perform localized loop cuts. It operates on a selection of faces (can be disjoint) and cuts through them, creating edges connecting adjacent faces”. That was 5 years ago. The addon still exists because the Blender community took care of the necessary updates. And it’s still here.

There must be a reason that the addon is still here. Although for me, the addon makes interesting topology (en therefore geometry) with this Cut Faces tool. And I can stare for a while at the pattern that is created. There must be good use cases, and as soon I have some good examples I will post them here. So keep an eye on this post for updates.

Another signal that it is worth to take a closer look addon is the fact that this addon is now part of the Mesh Tools Addon. Recently Meta-androcto ported the Mesh Edit Tools to Blender 2.80. You can find it under the name Mesh Tools under the category Testing.

Download and installation

You can download the addon on Blenderartists if you want the standalone version. (For the Mesh Tools addon, see previous link.) Right click on the .py file > Save target as. Once downloaded: Blender > Edit > Preferences > Addons. Navigate to the file > Install.

How to use the addon?

Go in Edit mode of mesh, select some faces. Then press Ctrl+F and select Cut Faces. There could be loads of use-cases from hard-surface to refining topology on character models. I’ve seen also an example of someone making interesting patterns. If you have ideas or examples on how to use it, let us know. We can post them here. Or you can also use the comments below. (No need to give your e-mail if you don’t like).

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