Curves to Mesh is designed for experienced 3D modelers who require the ability to create mesh surfaces from bezier curves. The add-on offers a range of features that complement traditional modeling techniques, allowing for the creation of complex objects through the arrangement of curves.

Key features:

  • Multiple Bezier Points Support: The add-on works on curves with multiple bezier points, enabling intricate designs.
  • Quad Patch Network: Users can arrange a network of curves as quad patches to create more complex objects.
  • Bezier Handle Types: Compatibility with a variety of bezier handle types such as Vector, Aligned, and Free.
  • Mesh Creation Modes: Meshes can be created from single curves or cross-sections, either cyclic or non-cyclic.
  • Advanced Control: The add-on provides options for controlling the resolution of the mesh and offers automatic snap options for vertices.
  • Animation Nodes Support: Curves to Mesh can be used as a node in the freely available Animation Nodes Blender framework, allowing for dynamic editing and animation of curve surfaces.
  • Interactive Preview Mode: An interactive preview mode is available for real-time mesh creation.
  • Customization: Users have the option to create more sophisticated meshes, such as cars and machine parts, by controlling various parameters.
  • Curve Profiles to Mesh: An additional feature that allows the selection of multiple curves to create a mesh from the edge loops.