Curve Work is an add-on designed to enhance and expedite the process of working with curves in Blender.

Key Features:

  • Boolean Curves: Supports operations like Union, Difference, and Intersection on curves.
  • Mirror Curves: Allows for the mirroring of curves.
  • Array of Curves: Features both linear and circular array options for curves.
  • Curve Offset: Includes the ability to offset curves, with support for array offset.
  • Connecting Edge Points of Splines: Facilitates the connection of edge points in splines, enhancing the functional series.
  • Separating Splines: Enables separating all splines from the curve object.
  • Clean Curves: Offers a feature to clean curves, removing curves from objects without splines, splines with a single point, and correcting erroneous extrusion and overlapping points.
  • Bevel on Curves: Provides a bevel function for curves, along with an inverse alignment function.
  • Split the Point: Allows for splitting points on curves.
  • Subdivided Slide: Enables subdivision of a curve segment, control over the distance between points, and movement of points along the segment.
  • Segment Type Control: Allows changing the type of segment between points with options like automatic, vector, aligned, and free.