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The CubeSurfer Addon allows us to remesh a particle system realtime. While we can get similar effects by using a Metaball, we get now the possibility to add modifiers. At the moment the addon is not fully working as it should. But we can take advantage of the state the addon is now. Namely, you will miss some faces in the surfaces. Therefore it’s an idea to experiment with the wireframe modifier.

The CubeSurfer Addon was originally written by Pyroevil, and it is now ported over to Blender 2.8. Watch the video below about how to get around the current bug and how to install the addon.

How the CubeSurfer Addon works at the moment

CubeSurfer Addon for Blender 2.8

For those who don’t have access to the video, here some notes. Make first a particle system as you used to do. For example add an Ico-sphere to the scene and duplicate it. Subdivide the first IcoSphere and make a particle system on it. In the particle settings you select, under the render section, the second IcoSphere as render object.

Then add an IsoSurface to the scene. Select the IsoSurface in the Outliner, and go to the properties panel > Object properties. Scroll down until you see the CubeSurfer panel. Click the plus-sign, and under object you select the IcoSphere. And under Particle System the Particle system the IcoSphere has. Play the time line and you might see some geometrie popping up every now and then. That is a good sign, but you have to adjust the Voxel Size and the Particles Size Multiplier.

How to install the CubeSurfer addon?

This could be tricky. It’s possible that when you activate the addon an error pops up that the cubesurfer module is not found. In that case, go to your folder where all other Blender-addons are installed. Change the name of the folder (possibly named cubesurfer-master) to: cubesurfer (No capitals).

You can download the CubeSurfer addon on Github. Then in Blender you go to Edit > Preferences > Addons and press the Install button. Navigate to the .zip file and press Install. In case you get the error when activating the addon, close Blender, change the folder name as describe here above. Then restart Blender and activate the addon again. In case there is still a problem it could be that you need a C++ distributable. For more information about it check:

New: EV Express 10.1.8 addon is released for Blender 2.81. For quick overview check the video, it will save you tons of time

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