Conform Object is a Blender add-on designed for 3D modelers who need to project objects onto another object’s surface in a specific direction. The add-on simplifies this complex task by performing it in a non-destructive manner, using the source object’s location and orientation to project it onto the target object’s surface.

Key Features:

  • One-Click Operation: A simple right-click menu option performs the entire operation.
  • Gradual Effect: The effect can be graduated from the bottom to the top of the object.
  • Mode Selection: Options to choose between Grid Mode or Shrinkwrap Mode for projection.
  • Normal Transfer: Surface normals can be transferred to blend object shading seamlessly.
  • Deformation Lattice: A lattice can be used to stretch an object around the surface of another.
  • Non-Destructive: The underlying mesh of the object remains unaffected.
  • Undo and Apply: Options are available to handle the complexity of adding and removing modifiers.
  • Batch Conforming: Multiple objects can be conformed at once.
  • Presets System: Preferred settings can be saved for future use.