Alert: The original fork of the addon is broken but this fork works: and this:

Update: the Command Recorder is not longer supported. Instead, you can use the Action Recorder:

Finally! The Command Recorder Addon allows us to record macros in Blender. And not only that, we can save the macro’s to buttons. How convenient is that. For sure there are great use cases when extruding, scaling, bevelling, selecting etc. I would say that this is quite revolutionary.

How the Command Recorder Addon works

In big lines here an overview. There are two section in the addon. The first section is the Command Recorder. That is the place where you can define a name for your macro, and add steps. Also, you can record the steps or add steps manually one by one. Then, the next section is the Command Button. The Command Button is the section where you can save and load buttons. These buttons contain the macro’s you recorded before.

I watched the video from the developer and tried out the Command Recorder addon. There might be a few thing you might struggle upon, so that’s why I made this video below.

How to install the Addon?

You can download the Command Recorder on Github.
I received comments that the addon is not found after installation. What happens is that there is a dot in the folder’s name. Here how solve that issue:

Look for the folder where Blender stores your addons. On Windows that is:
C:\Users\YourWindowsUserName\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.80\scripts\addons
There you will find a folder something like: CommandRecorder2.8-Master. Rename the folder to: CommandRecorder (Exactly that). Then restart Blender and you will find the addon in the preferences (Search for command).

Another issue reported is that the command button is not visible. That is the button you can create. That happens when the folder’s name of the addon is not exactly CommandRecorder. The addon is looking for that folder.

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