Colorframe Renders Pro is an add-on that offers tools to enhance rendering capabilities. It focuses on integrating vibrant colors, line art, and textured shading into Blender renders, catering to both still images and animations.

Key Features:

  • Use Generated Colors in Final Render: Seamlessly integrate generated colors into Cycles and Eevee renders.
  • Line Art Support: Direct integration of Blender’s line art, allowing for distinct outlines and wireframes.
  • Animation Support: Capability to produce wireframe animations.
  • Textured Shading: Provides textured shading for wireframes.
  • Ambient Occlusion: Incorporates ambient occlusion to wireframe renders.
  • Object Color Method: This method supports Curves, Surfaces, and Text and offers enhanced performance.
  • Palette Organization: Palettes are organized and saved into collections.
  • Edit Mode Functionality: Assign random colors to loose parts of a selection (for Vertex-Color mode).
  • Automatic Material Creation: Option to generate new materials when none are present.
  • Metallic Shading: Utilize Material Viewport Colors to add metallic shading to selected materials.
  • Edit Wireframe Colors and Opacity: Modify the color and opacity of the wireframe directly from the ColorFrame add-on Panel with real-time results.
  • Change Background Color: Adjust the background color or make it transparent.
  • Save and Reuse Color Palettes: Store and utilize Color Palettes for future projects.