Color Picker Pro is an add-on designed to expand the capabilities of the native color picker. It offers detailed and versatile color extraction, enabling users to obtain precise color values from any area within the Blender interface, including images and movie clips.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced RGB Extraction: Extract specific RGB values, such as max, min, mean, and median, from designated pixel squares or selected rectangles.
  • Versatile Integration: Accessible as panels across various Blender editors, including the image editor, 3D view, and movie clip editors.
  • Universal Color Extraction: Capability to extract color from any segment of the Blender user interface.
  • Customizable Pixel Square Size: Choose from predefined pixel square sizes or specify a custom size for color extraction.
  • Rectangle “Screen Grab” Color Picker: Define a rectangular area for color extraction and obtain the rectangle’s specific color values.
  • Efficient Color Saving: Save the extracted colors with a simple click or discard changes as needed.