The Color Grid Generator is an add-on designed to streamline the process of creating color atlases or grids for low-poly texturing. It offers a range of features to optimize and enhance the texturing workflow within Blender.

Key Features:

  • Generate Grid: Define the image resolution, customize the grid layout by specifying the number of rows and columns, and assign specific colors to each cell in the grid.
  • Leverage Color Palettes: Directly integrate color palettes from By copying the link and using a CTRL + ‘Generate Grid’ click, the grid is populated with the palette colors.
  • Edit Grid: Modify the generated color grid by adjusting cell colors, adding or removing rows and columns, and viewing updates in real-time.
  • Generate and Edit Gradient: Create gradient patterns by setting the image’s resolution, choosing the number of rows, selecting the gradient’s orientation, and defining the start and end colors for each row.
  • Fit Uvs: An experimental feature that allows for the scaling down of selected UVs to fit them within a grid cell.